Instant Awesome Messaging!

Upgrade your SMS experience with invi and never look back. It’s super fast and easy to use! You can send SMS and IM in one place, send images, videos, GIFS,  memes and stickers. Texting with friends and family has never been easier.

Awesome Bar

Add emojis, moodies, GIFs, memes, jokes, stickers and much more!

Meme Up

Instantly turn any photo into Memes.

Custom Messages

Surprise your friend with custom message bubbles.

Custom Emojis

Select your favorite emojis: Android, EmojiOne, iOS, and Twitter.

Animated GIFs

Finding contents has never been easier.

SMS & Instant Message

Send both SMS and instant messages in one app.

Group Chat

Create a group chat with your friends, family, even coworkers.


Upgrade your SMS experience!

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