Instant Awesome Messaging!

Upgrade your SMS experience with invi and never look back. It’s super fast and easy to use! You can send SMS and IM in one place, send images, videos, GIFS,  memes and stickers. Texting with friends and family has never been easier.


Welcome to your new inbox!


Both SMS and instant messaging in one app.

Awesome Bar

Add emojis, moodies, GIFs, memes, jokes, stickers and much more!

Instant MEME

 Memes anyone? Fun designs of what you type, based on what you type with your words in them.

Fun Messages

Surprise your friend with custom message bubbles

Group MMS

Like any SMS app, invi lets you send and receive group MMS messages, so you can text with the whole gang at once!

Dark Mode

Change the app color depending on your style!


On the go? Long press on the microphone button to quickly compose an audio recording, as soon as you let go of the button, it sends!

Voice Typing

Tap once on the microphone to start voice typing. Talk into the phone and let invi type it for you!


See the message better.

Quick Selfie

Snap new pictures using invi’s built-in camera or look at old photos.

Link Preview

All links will appear with previews and descriptions.


Say goodbye to spammers and crazy exes.

Mark as Unread

Busy? Mark a chat as unread so you can get back to them later!

Quick Reply

Reply to any messages from your homescreen.

Wear Support

Android Wear is supported on invi! Carry invi, wear invi!

Private Notifications

Receive your notifications privately

HD Videos

Send high quality videos over MMS via Smart Link

Integrated Services

Find nearby restaurants, or let your friends know how far you are from their location through your favorite apps.


Upgrade your SMS experience!

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