Texting. Re-invented.

Texting Just Got Better

invi is a rich media texting app, making your messaging experience beautiful, fast, fun and free. Experience a new kind of inbox with built-in rich media capabilities like never before.


A Beautiful Rich Media Experience

invi integrates any type of media directly into your chat. No more tiny thumbnails and dull links. Photos, videos, links and content you share from other apps are all embedded and viewable within your chat, so you may continue texting as you watch. Never jump in and out of your chat again, for anything.


Watch YouTube While Texting

Links to YouTube videos are easily viewable within your chat, so you can continue texting as you watch. No need to jump between apps; Enjoy videos together and talk about them, all at the same time.


So easy to share

invi is made for sharing. See anything you like on the web or in another app? Share it with the right person through invi. Got something on invi and want to show the world? Share directly from invi to any other app on your phone. invi also makes it easy to search for content to share without ever leaving your chat.